Inovonics 531 FM Modulation Analyzer – Minor Fix and New Carrying Case

This Inovonics 531 FM Modulation Monitor/Analyzer is actually on loan to me by a fellow broadcast engineer, which I consider all the more reason to take extraordinally good care of it. He had sent this unit off for factory repair and calibration not long before loaning it to me and it is an indispensable piece of gear for testing FM stations both on-site and over-the-air.

Inovonics 531 FM Modulation Analyzer with top cover removed.

The antenna jack on the rear panel (an F-type connector) had become very loose, so I opened it up and gave the retaining nut a firm tightening.

Rear panel antenna F-connector.
Interior view. F-connector is on the right in this image.

New Gator Portable Storage Case for Protection and Convenience

To better protect the Inovonics 531 as well as to make it easier to transport it to sites and keep the power cord, coaxial cables, power cord, antennas and pads better protected and organized, I purchased this Gator brand 2 RU, medium-depth case, which turned out to be a perfect fit for the job. The zipper-type access flaps open up to provide very easy access to the front panel controls and to the connections on the rear panel while having just enough space between the padded covers to protect the front and rear panels from getting damaged. There’s also a very convenient zippered side pouch for storing cables, antennas, etc.

Inovonics 531 Modulation Monitor in its new Gator 2RU carry bag with rack mount rails.
Rear panel connections are just as convenient to access while also being protected.
Zippered side pouch for cable, loads, antennas, etc.

When not in use, the Gator case provides rugged, secure storage and protection. It also has comfortable handles and a padded shoulder strap, so it will make this Inovonics 531 much more convenient to carry around for field and on-site use while protecting it and keeping out dust, dirt, and rain on those nasty days — transmitters and equipment prefer to break down on days when the weather is less than ideal, right?

Inovonics 531 FM Modulation Analyzer zipped up and ready for travel and work out in the field.