Service Call Photos and Notes

This page hosts photos and notes from service calls for purposes of keeping clients informed and for future reference/comparison. Please note that Alabama Broadcast Services, LLC frequently works in tandem with Auburn Broadcast Services, LLC as well as other communications service providers. Yes, it is possible for “Alabama” and “Auburn” to get along. 😉

2020-01-04 WRCG-AM 1420 Broadcast Electronics AM5E repairs.
Report includes infrared thermography showing improvements in cooling and significantly reduced temperatures in critical areas. Burned-out cooling fan “B” replaced, air filter and intake area cleaning and repairs. Resulted in significantly improved cooling of transmitter and power amplifier (PA) modules. (Cick on the hyperlink to view PDF document.)

2019-04-24 WKGA 97.5 FM: Installation of Wegener Satellite Receiver/Audio Server for reception and broadcast of M.R.N. (Motor Racing Network) programming, including NASCAR events.

2019-04-23 WCUG Transmitter Repairs and Assessment of Further Repairs We Will Be Performing Soon

2019-04-23 WCGQ Rigid Transmission Line – Damaged Section To Be Replaced Soon