WCUG Transmitter Repairs – April 23, 2019

Visit to the WCUG transmitter site in Lumpkin, GA. Original plan of visit was to replace permanent capacitors in place of a temporarily installed capacitor in the power supply section, replace two damaged bleeder resistors, replace some of the front panel meters, and possibly replace a suspect choke/inductor assembly.

Severely damaged AC supply cable and wiring block discovered when we opened up the transmitter cabinet.
View of labeled end of the TB-1 terminal block plate. We will either procure a replacement for this whole assembly, or have to completely rebuild this one.

On arrival and inspection of the transmitter, we discovered severe damage to one of the AC supply lines inside the transmitter. It had very obviously overheated. We also found that the suspect inductor/choke subassembly had also severely overheated. We temporarily repaired the AC supply line and installed a replacement inductor/choke. We’re holding off on the permanent capacitor replacement because it was determined that a different value capacitor should improve the power supply and transmitter performance, in turn preventing further wiring and component damage.

Suspect inductor/choke assembly. As can be seen in another photo, it was found to have definite damage, and was thus replaced.
View looking at the bottom of the inductor/choke assembly. Nobody ordered “Extra Crispy.” This thing had suffered some serious overheating. We removed and replaced it, after cleaning up the mess.
View of bottom of inductor/choke assembly after we removed it from the transmitter cabinet. Toast.
Just some of the crud and trash we swept out of the transmitter cabinet after removing the burned inductor/choke.

We will be going back to the site to perform further repairs soon, but have to acquire some replacement parts first.